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My Appearance on Santa Barbara Talks with Josh Molina: August 20, 2023

From the YouTube description:

Doomer Dr. Eliot Jacobson returns to Santa Barbara Talks to discuss the potential catastrophic impacts of Hurricane Hilary and why we are seeing a tropical hurricane on the West Coast. Jacobson also talks about rising heat records in Phoenix, increasing ocean temperatures, and the wildfires in Canada.

Jacobson is a doomer who believe that it is too late to save the planet for humans, but to think about saving the planet for whatever species is able to survive. He also talks about climate change, fossil fuels, electric and solar power and the inconsistent discussion around environmentalism. After our first podcast, Jacobson appeared on CNN and a variety of other media platforms. Check out this latest episode for his compelling views.

Joshua Molina is a journalist and college instructor who interviews a variety of individuals on topics such as housing, environment and culture. Consider a contribution to his independently owned podcast at or Also please subscribe to this podcast if you enjoy conversations with people from all perspectives.


Eliot Jacobson, Ph.D.

Retired professor of mathematics and computer science, retired casino consultant, now a full time volunteer, husband and grandfather. Know-it-all doomer. Born in the year 316 ppm CO2.

One thought on “My Appearance on Santa Barbara Talks with Josh Molina: August 20, 2023

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    James Lovelock the father of the Gaia Hypothesis was pretty much saying the same thing 20-30 years ago. The planet doesn’t care (to anthropomorphize a bit here) about humans and their global tech civilization. We can only hope that the great die-off that started in the 1970’s will spare enough species so that the planet can eventually return to some form of equilibrium. Earth has survived hotter periods in the past and it will again. But the naked ape that we are won’t be sitting at the buffet table (I hope).


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