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My Appearance on ‘Santa Barbara Talks’ with Josh Molina, Feb. 5, 2024

My third appearance on ‘Santa Barbara Talks’ with Josh Molina. We started off talking about the extreme rain event that was happening that very moment, but quickly went off-topic into a deep and at times unexpected discussion about doomerism and the near-term fate of humanity and all life on this planet.

Josh is one of my favorite interviewers, and we in Santa Barbara are lucky to have a journalist of his quality, depth and integrity in our community. Please give this one a like and share. Thanks!

Eliot Jacobson, Ph.D.

Retired professor of mathematics and computer science, retired casino consultant, now a full time volunteer, husband and grandfather. Know-it-all doomer. Born in the year 316 ppm CO2.

One thought on “My Appearance on ‘Santa Barbara Talks’ with Josh Molina, Feb. 5, 2024

  • Greeley G. ("Gregg") Miklashek, MD

    I have been leading a discussion at Marietta College for the over 50 crowd and had to eat crow yesterday, when a fellow pointed out that my thermodynamic calculations had been way off, due to mistakenly equating Joules with BTUs. I stand corrected: it take 144 BTUs of heat energy to melt ONE POUND of ice, and not 343 to melt one gram. My bad. All the rest I’ve been saying is correct to the best of my knowledge, and extrapolating Copernicus Climate Service’s prediction of 2,100 for 2/3rds of global ice to have melted still comes out as 2,138 for the end of global ice, 115 yrs. from now.


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