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Eliot Jacobson, Ph.D.

Retired professor of mathematics and computer science, retired casino consultant, now a full time volunteer, husband and grandfather. Know-it-all doomer. Born in the year 316 ppm CO2.

6 thoughts on “Appearance on Environmental Coffeehouse, 01-07-2022

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    Can you tell me who the musician and song is at the end of this segment with Eliot Jacobson?

    I have tried my adult life to limit myself and keep my family well but we go somewhat Mad! This idea of Planetary Hospice of loving our only link to the Infinite-and contrary to what some say- it will not die, but our loving it is what’s left for us. Maybe always was. Just look at the pictures from the Voyager Spacecraft of the Earth taken as it left the helios of the sun (at the suggestion of Carl Sagan) and I think you can understand better out “Pale Blue Dot ” and life in an Infinite world.

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    Thanks Shazam. I will buy Sandy some coffee. Ken

  • Ken Ronak

    And: you may be following the “Wrong Gods Home?”

    Our reckoning of what the Earth is doing and will do are probably not correct as the lines of
    graphs and charts do follow a set pattern and explained only for the moment our mathematical culture.

    But Nature has a much longer memory than we do, and our “abtsract” selves were developed/evolved/created in wilderness with nature, and it is an abstraction very difficult to plot on lines and graphs!

    But what the Earth will do as heat increases and ice melts is stored in the very long memory of nature herself: we really don’t know. We may even find ourselves much colder?

    So? There is also Rumi, Kabir, the Tao Te Ching etc and wilderness herself and Ed Abbey and Wendell Berry and Lewis Mumford…….and many others who have written and known for a long (human) time.

    This fretting and doomerism from those who significantly prospered for awhile (decades)- our Bourgeois selves, must stop this nonsense, keep an eye on the graphs and trends for sure, but stop fretting that there is no way to “go forward.” Nothing to do or learn, as we really have no idea what this Earth Organism will do. It is not just a collection of mechanical processes to be plotted on lines: it is an organism and has a much longer memory than we do.


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