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Totally Disconnected

Okay, I’m very excited … my first (and most likely last) book of poetry, “Totally Disconnected,” has just been published. With the fabulous help of my sister and her company Rosalind Press, my poetry is now available in physical form. Here’s the blurb:
“We live in an age of disconnection: from our primal animal selves; from the planet we live on and are actively destroying; from relationships with others, whether family, friends, colleagues or leaders. The searing pain of living in this sacred and singular world at this time of collapse and disintegration requires us to focus beyond the crushing noise of civilization. The place Eliot’s poetry inhabits is one that rejects solace. At their core, the poems you will find in Totally Disconnected are unsettled examinations of terrifying wounds.”
It’s available on amazon, here:

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Retired professor of mathematics and computer science, retired casino consultant, now a full time volunteer, husband and grandfather. Know-it-all doomer. Born in the year 316 ppm CO2.

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